Deva Jatt Transport Ltd. operates all over North America with headquarters in Howden, MB. Our fleet consists of 100 trucks and 300 dry vans to fulfill all of our customer’s needs. Our trucks are new, fuel efficient,  and under two years old, which makes us more reliable with less downtime for timely deliveries. We also have teams within our fleet, which ensures us to deliver quicker. In a recent addition to our business, we now operate turnpikes (tandem 53′ trailers) between Alberta and Manitoba. This aids us in offering the most competitive price to our customers.

Our clients range in size from small, localized businesses to high profile multi-national companies. We’re confident in their future as much as we are confident in our own. We’re committed to providing the best value and quality of service available to our clients. Much of our success and continued growth is a direct result of constant assessment and our round-the-clock attention to our customer’s needs.